Established in 2021 as our fully owned subsidiary, “Damn Fine Coffee Roasters” is dedicated to redefining and leading the specialty coffee industry in Sri Lanka. Specializing in coffee production and roasting, our focus lies in ethically sourcing premium quality beans. These beans are carefully hand-picked, undergo meticulous processing, and are roasted to perfection to highlight their exquisite flavors. It is our unique roasting artistry and the selection of green coffee that truly make our coffee damn fine!

Collaborating with more than 300 smallholder farming families in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, which include Kandy, Kotmale, and Matale, we have backward integrated the supply chain in Sri Lanka, where we process specialty coffee with the highest devotion and attention to create a unique and complex cup of coffee.

We maintain high standards for food safety and quality, adopting sustainable and ethical business practices throughout every step of the supply chain. We believe that coffee is not just a drink, but an experience. From farm to cup, every step is taken with utmost care and commitment to enrich and inspire humanity with every cup of coffee.

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